Growing Demand for Qualified Electricians in the UK


A skilled trade is a career path that entails hands-on work and necessitates a specific set of knowledge, skills, and experience. There are numerous training paths that will qualify you for a specific skilled trade. Learn Trade Skills, for example, is a training Centre in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire that specializes in training and qualifying electricians. These courses can usually be completed within a few months, with a college/apprenticeship scheme usually taking around three years to complete.

Surrey, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, and London had the greatest shortage of electricians last year. This shortage has persisted to the present day, with qualified tradespeople in high demand throughout the United Kingdom. Statistics predict that at least 15,000 electricians and electrical fitters will be required over the next five years. Evidently showing a high demand with Brexit playing a part in the number of (electrical) workers having to leave their job roles and causing a shortage.

As we move toward a more sustainable way of life, there is a greater demand for technology that will allow us to live in a way that contributes to the preservation of our planet. For example, the increase in demand for installation of EV charging ports, smart meters, and solar panels. This has also led towards the increasing demand for electricians in the UK.

Becoming an Electrician with Learn Trade Skills:


We are currently offering electrical training courses for both beginners and experienced electricians who need to further their knowledge and gain more professional qualifications to go on to join one of the standardisations assessing bodies such as NIECEIC, or NAPIT. We have catered specific training courses that will make you either a domestic electrician or a professional electrical installations inspector for all domestic, commercial and industrial premises.


We have simplified the route to become an electrician to 4 easy steps where you will get to a qualified level quickly to start earning money on your pathway to achieve a JIB Graded ECS Gold Card for those who have that ambition.

Whilst on the pathway to earn a Gold Card, it can be lengthy and financially demanding hence we created a pathway for those who have responsibilities and want to earn money quickly and for those who are already in the field and need qualifications.

This is mainly aimed at non-experienced people, but if you are an experienced electrical person looking to achieve a Gold Card, then you can fast track this method. Please call 01992 413503 to discuss further.

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