Professional Electrician Package

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Earn Commercial Installer Qualifications and Start Earning up to £38,000/pa with our Exclusive Package!


Electricians are earning an average of £38,000 in London. This popular professional electrician package equips applicants with heavily sought qualifications to sign up to the Competent Persons Scheme at an affordable price. 


No previous experience required to start this course! This course equips you with many of the qualifications you need to self-certify dwellings.


We can price guarantee this package and will match the price of any other training centre.


Free One Time Retakes on one assessment, if you do not pass on your first try.


LTS is offering the markets’ most comprehensive training package to train people from no experience at all to be able to carry out full electrical installations and inspect & test domestic, commercial and industrial electrical work. By completing this training package, you will have gained the right experience in the field of electrical installations and will wield all the necessary skills and knowledge to gain the professional electricians package qualifications. 


Electricians are earning around £34,000 a year in the UK and £38,000 in London. This course will ensure you can also start earning money after 40 working days. Click here to read this article for information about Electricians’ earnings.


Who Is The Professional Electrician Package For? 

People who want the most effective and efficient way of getting a complete package of electrical qualifications.

Learners who have little to no electrical experience.

Someone who is looking for a career change.

Those who have experience but no qualifications.

Electricians who are missing a set of qualifications and find it in this package.

Electricians who want electrical inspection qualifications and commercial training.

A Professional Electrician Package for students who want to update their knowledge on the latest electric industry knowledge and requirements.


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We recognise that not everybody can commit to consistent durations at a time and not everyone starts from the same place, so for that reason, we offer different methods of study.


You have three different options when training:

  1. 2 Days a week in centre training = 10 weeks + [2 weeks of full time training for 5 working days a week at the end of the course] *
  2. 1 Day a week in centre training  = 16 weeks + [2 weeks of full time training for 5 working days a week at the end of the course] *
  3. 2 Evenings a week in centre training  = 18 weeks + [2 weeks of full time training for 5 working days a week at the end of the course] *
      * Each option has an additional 1 day a week Online Study expected + Occupational Assessment at the end of the package


Please indicate the preference of study when booking the course. Those who have previous electrical qualifications may complete studies quicker. If you would like to examine these options further you must call us on 01992 413503 or email to discuss further.


Candidates who enrol on the Professional Electrician Package will able to:

Learn the basics of electrical installation.

Install sockets, lighting, cooker and shower circuits.

Inspect, test and verify all domestic electrical installations.

Inspect, test and verify all commercial and industrial installations.

Periodically Inspect, Test and Certificate all dwellings.

Certify all electrical Installations within dwellings.


This is a high quality course at a very affordable price.


At the end of the electrical course you may wish to carry on your studies by discussing with your course manager what options you have. You will have the option to pay an extra fee to upgrade to another course package.

You can check here for our Individual or Package Courses if you wish to observe other opportunities.

Whilst earning money, this package will put you on the path to complete the NVQ Level 3 Occupational Assessments & AM2 exam afterwards to be deemed an Approved Electrician if that is your ambition.


Qualifications from the Professional Electrician Package

Level 3 Part P – Building Regulations 2013

Level 3 18th Edition Wiring Regulations

Level 3 Certificate In Installing, Testing & Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings

Level 3 Combined Initial Verification and Periodic Electrical Inspection and Testing


Units Covered by the Professional Electrician Package

Applicable Building Regulations for Domestic Electrical Installations.

Legislation, Regulations and Standards, which applies to all works within domestic environment.

Electrical Earthing and Bonding installations.

Installations within Special Locations

Installations of sockets, lights and cooker/shower circuits.

Safe Isolations

Safely changing or replacing electrical components.

Identify unsafe electrical installations.

Initial verification of domestic single-phase electrical installations.

Periodic Inspection and Testing of domestic single-phase electrical installations.

Initial verification of commercial & Industrial electrical installations.

Periodic Inspection and Testing of commercial & Industrial electrical installations.

Practical training for commercial installations

Health & Safety

Environmental technologies

Electrical principles

Inspection & Testing

Fault diagnostics



Assessments for the QSQ Course
The main type of Assessments for the Qualified Supervisor Qualification are in-center online multiple choice exams. A majority of which is open book hence why the books mentioned at the bottom of this page are compulsory.


This can change depending on which course option you pick but a complete Full Course comprises of:
5 Online Exams
3 Written Exams


For candidates with 24 months or more experience in the electrical field, this assessment process can be done through a Professional Discussion.


Portfolio & Occupational Competency Assessments:

When you complete your studies, you will be required to crate a small portfolio to evidence your installations in the field. Once that is completed you will also be required to complete an in-centre practical assessment.

First Occupational Visit Included in Course Fee (Any additional visits will be charged at £150)

For those who struggle to find any work outside to complete their portfolio, LTS can arrange to find work for you through our network of electricians. This can be discussed once you complete your training with your trainer.



The Professional Electrician Package is useful for those who want to earn money quickly without having to go through extremely lengthy routes to become a fully qualified electrician. We give this fast track option to prove one’s competence and sign up to a Competent Persons Scheme. Once you do that and you want to carry on investing in yourself for progression, you will at least have the capacity to earn decent earnings whilst funding the rest of your training as we know how lengthy and costly that can be.


From here you can proceed to completing a Level 3 NVQ for those that want to achieve an ECS Gold Card. For those who are experienced in the field will have the option to complete the Experienced Worker Route, which takes up to 2 weeks to complete. You can discuss these options with your trainer once you commence your training.


Alternatively, for those who want to dive into gaining experience on the field and want to find work, we can help individuals with this by vitalising our network of electricians and explore any opportunities available. Again you can discuss this with your trainer once on your course.


Why LTS?

LTS is an ambitious training centre that inspires to lead in its field.

We have a team of trainers who have been in this industry for years and instilled with great passion for what they do. LTS aspires to raise the future generations of electricians and give them the experience, skill set and qualifications to be successful in their industry.

Our trainers have years of experience in this industry teaching with passion and have exceptional pass rate records to help you get the qualifications you desire.

The Electrical Courses on offer are tailored to the needs of students and what our trainers believe is crucial, to get you the accreditation you seek.

LTS is designed to cater to the needs of its students and help them succeed by giving them the flexibility to do so.


Available Start Dates

  • 22nd November (No lessons for 2 weeks during Christmas)
  • 3rd January 22′
  • Next Course Date in Feb/Mar 2021 (Date will be announced closer to the time)

More dates will be announced soon. For further info please call us on 01992 413503 or email to discuss further.



You will be expected to have your own copies of these books when attending our Professional Electrician Package


IET – Electrician’s Guide to the Building Regulations (ISBN 9781785614682)

IET – On-Site Guide (ISBN 9781785614422)

IET – Requirements for Electrical Installations – Wiring Regulations (ISBN 9781785611704)

IET – Guidance Note 3 – Inspection & Testing (ISBN 9781785614521)


Electrician's Guide to the Building Regulations (Electrical Regulations): The Institution of Engineering and Technology: 9781785614682: BooksOn-Site Guide (BS 7671:2018) (Electrical Regulations): The Institution of Engineering and Technology: 9781785614422: BooksRequirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations, Eighteenth Edition, BS 7671:2018 (Electrical Regulations): The Institution of Engineering and Technology: 9781785611704: BooksIET Guidance Note 3: Inspection and Testing 8th Edition ISBN: 9781785614521 9781785614521 | eBay




If you are an employer looking to bulk buy our course then you can call 019992 413503 or email for bulk buy discount opportunities. Depending on the demand, we may be able to organise a specific package tailored to you.




0% Interest Monthly Payments


0% Interest Monthly Payments

We provide 0% interest monthly payments with Splitit! Just click on the Splitit option at the bottom of the Checkout page when making payment, to be able to split payments over 12 months. NO CREDIT CHECKS!


If you are having difficulty funding this course, you may want to visit the Government’s website for Grants and Bursaries for Adult Learners at


Alternatively, you can also contact us on 01992 413503 or email for further queries.



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