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      Basic Electrician Package

      No Experience Needed
      Perfect for beginners to develop their foundational knowledge on being an electrician.
      This course will provide you with the practical skills required for domestic installation, inspections, testing and certification requirements for 18th edition wiring regulations (BS7671) and learn building regulations, which relates to work within all types of domestic properties. This for beginners with no experience!
      £1,389.00 VAT Incl.
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      Intermediate Electrician Package

      No Experience Needed
      Earn Domestic Installer Qualifications!
      If you are looking to become a qualified Domestic Installer also known as a Domestic Electrician, as well as the ability to inspect and test other electricians’ work then this is a brilliant package for you! No previous experience required!
      £3,489.00 VAT Incl.
    • Professional Electrical CourseRead more

      Professional Electrician Package

      No Experience Needed
      Earn Commercial Installer Qualifications!
      LTS is offering the markets' most comprehensive training package to train people from no experience at all to be able to carry out full electrical installations and fully inspect & test domestic, commercial and industrial electrical work. No previous experience required!
      £4,339.00 VAT Incl.
    • Combined Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection & TestingRead more

      Level 3 Combined Inspection & Testing (Commercial)

      This electrical course is a simple and effective course aimed at electricians who are aiming to achieve qualifications in periodic inspection and testing as well as initial verifications for newly installed systems. This qualification will enable you to inspect, test and verify all types of electrical installations that are covered by the most contemporary edition of 18th edition wiring regulations (BS7671).
      £1,069.00 VAT Incl.


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      18th Edition Wiring Regulations

      The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations course is a 3-day electricity course for those that have 17th Edition qualifications and want to update to an 18th Edition qualification. At the end of the course you will be awarded with BS7671: 2018. This is a Level 3 electrical course and it is for experienced electricians who are looking tos furthering their working knowledge of BS7671: 2018 Electrical Wiring Regulations.
      £429.00 VAT Incl.
    • Competent Persons Scheme - Qualified Supervisor QualificationRead more

      Domestic Installer Course

      Level 3 Certificate In Installing, Testing & Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings. This new qualification has been developed in conjunction with the industry to allow you to partake in the Competent Persons Scheme. This course is for those looking to self-certify their own and other people's electrical installations in Domestic, Commercial and Industrial properties. *From the 1st September 2021 this is one of the main qualifications you will require in order to join a Competent Person Scheme with bodies such as NAPIT, NICEIC, ELECSA etc.*
      £3,089.00 VAT Incl.
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      Electrical Vehicle Charging Course

      The award gives the learner an understanding of the application of the IET Code of Practice for Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation. It provides a facility for individuals working in the electrotechnical sector to develop their understanding of the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging points.
      £369.00 VAT Incl.
    • Inspection & Testing Refresehr Course | Learn Trade Skills | Electrician Training | Electrical Course | |Read more

      Inspection & Testing Refresher Course

      This is for people who has had previous training or experience in inspecting and testing and requires a refresher course to remind them of the practical testing requirements and the capacity to complete certificates they are required to complete. This course will help prepare you for the Inspection & Testing practical examination.
      From: £149.00 VAT Incl.
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      Level 3 Part P Building Regulations

      For all beginner or professional electricians, electrician’s mate, all builders and contractors to carry out any work within any domestic property, you need to pass and be qualified with this Building Regulation current at the time.
      £189.00 VAT Incl.
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      Introductory Electrical Course

      No Experience Needed
      Individuals partaking in the Introductory Electrical course will go through 6 days of introductory lessons designed to equip you with the knowledge and practical skills in order to be compliant in Part P of the building regulations. With this introductory course you will be able to carry on to study our other courses.  
      £599.00 VAT Incl.
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      Level 3 Periodic Inspection and Testing (Commercial)

      The electrical course Periodic Inspection & Testing of Electrical Installations is intended for learners who have previously gained qualifications in Initial Verification, and wish to expand their skills to include reporting on the condition of existing electrical installations.
      £599.00 VAT Incl.
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      Level 3 Initial Verification (Commercial)

      The electrical course Initial Verification is intended for candidates who aim to verify new installations and may not need to carry out Periodic Inspection and Testing. Depending on your experience and what you aim to do as an electrician, you may want to study this to help find work for yourself.
      £599.00 VAT Incl.
    • Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial VerificationRead more

      Level 2 Fundamental Inspection & Testing (Domestic)

      This course will give you the skill set and confidence to acquire the Fundamental Inspection, Testing and Initial Verification qualification. This will enable electricians in all domestic environments to carry out initial verification and periodic inspection as well as testing and the ability to interpret test results to issue appropriate certificates to customers. This course covers single-phase electrical installations only.
      £629.00 VAT Incl.
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      NVQ Level 3 Electrotechnical Experienced Worker

      The NVQ Level 3 Electrotechnical Experienced Worker Qualification is for thoses who have 5 years experience working in the electrotechnical field and could provide evidence of this and wish to become a fully qualified Electrician.
      From: £1,499.00 VAT Incl.
    • PAT Testing (2377-77)Read more

      PAT Testing

      We have a 2 day PAT Testing course covering both the theory and practical elements of achieving this qualification. These qualifications will give you the rights to inspect, test and certify all domestic and commercial portable appliances.
      £379.00 VAT Incl.