Update 06/06/21: We are open and courses are currently ongoing in safe COVID Compliant manner!



Update 24/03/2021: Bookings have now started and we will be starting courses on the 12th April. Learn Trade Skills has worked hard to bring the training centre back to service. We have analaysed all government regulations and our training centre is COVID Compliant. As mentioned before here are our measures: 


  • Reduction of class sizes
  • Socially distanced education premise
  • PPE available for staff and students
  • Face masks to be used until you reach your place of study
  • Hand sanitising stations
  • Staff to have regular COVID tests



Update 16/03/2021: Governement restrictions have now been relaxed for schools to be reopen. We now have permission to open and will be announcing our courses very soon. Do stay in touch.



Update 06/01/2021: Unfortunately, due to the introduction of the Lockdown, we have had to close our training centre until restrictions are relaxed. In the meantime, we will work to provide lessons online so that people can continue their course.



Update 05/11/2020: In accordance with government regulations, Learn Trade Skills remains to be functioning as an education establishment. Just like any education premises, Learn Trade Skills will remain open during the lockdown that has been introduced to curtail the increase of COVID in England.


We feel that it is fundamental to not let our country down or its students to educate themselves in order to be able to meet the economic and employment challenges that are faced both individually and collectively as a country. With that in mind, we have introduced safety measures to keep our staff and students safe.


LTS has observed and implemented the required safety measures as advised by the government. During the lockdown we will have specific measures to meet social distancing measures that will be updated daily as requirements are updated.


  • Reduction of classes sizes
  • Socially distanced education premise
  • PPE available for staff and students
  • Encourage the use of face masks
  • One Way System in The Centre
  • Hand sanitising stations


Do not worry if you live in a location with Tier 2 or 3 COVID measures. You can continue to travel for education purposes as this is deemed essential and permitted.


Learn Trade Skills is committed to delivering in these unprecedented times. We reassure all our students that we will continue to deliver during the lockdown measures introduced and if measures become stricter, will adapt measures to have virtual teaching if we cannot teach at our training centre. LTS is a dedicated training centre with the best staff in the sector, devoted to bringing our students the best level of service.