Growing Demand for Qualified Electricians in the UK


A skilled trade is a career path that entails hands-on work and necessitates a specific set of knowledge, skills, and experience. There are numerous training paths that will qualify you for a specific skilled trade. Learn Trade Skills, for example, is a training Centre in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire that specializes in training and qualifying electricians. These courses can usually be completed within a few months, with a college/apprenticeship scheme usually taking around three years to complete.

Surrey, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, and London had the greatest shortage of electricians last year. This shortage has persisted to the present day, with qualified tradespeople in high demand throughout the United Kingdom. Statistics predict that at least 15,000 electricians and electrical fitters will be required over the next five years. Evidently showing a high demand with Brexit playing a part in the number of (electrical) workers having to leave their job roles and causing a shortage.

As we move toward a more sustainable way of life, there is a greater demand for technology that will allow us to live in a way that contributes to the preservation of our planet. For example, the increase in demand for installation of EV charging ports, smart meters, and solar panels. This has also led towards the increasing demand for electricians in the UK.

Becoming an Electrician with Learn Trade Skills:


We are currently offering electrical training courses for both beginners and experienced electricians who need to further their knowledge and gain more professional qualifications to go on to join one of the standardisations assessing bodies such as NIECEIC, or NAPIT. We have catered specific training courses that will make you either a domestic electrician or a professional electrical installations inspector for all domestic, commercial and industrial premises.


We have simplified the route to become an electrician to 4 easy steps where you will get to a qualified level quickly to start earning money on your pathway to achieve a JIB Graded ECS Gold Card for those who have that ambition.

Whilst on the pathway to earn a Gold Card, it can be lengthy and financially demanding hence we created a pathway for those who have responsibilities and want to earn money quickly and for those who are already in the field and need qualifications.

This is mainly aimed at non-experienced people, but if you are an experienced electrical person looking to achieve a Gold Card, then you can fast track this method. Please call 01992 413503 to discuss further.

For more information on our stages to success and how to become an electrician please visit the following article:

You can also have a look at the courses we have available by visiting the following link:

18th Edition (Everything you need to know)

So what is the 18th Edition?


The 18th edition refers to the latest British Standards of wiring regulations (BS:7671:2018) also know as wiring regs.
These are guidelines set out by the Institute of Engineering Technology (IET). They cover the maintenance of existing electronic appliances and the installation of new ones with alterations and additions to the original.

Who is the 18th Edition for?


The IET Wiring Regulations are for those working in the construction industry, which are concerned with the design, installation and maintenance of electric wiring in buildings.
This is for professional engineers, electricians, contractors, electric vehicle charger installers, solar panel installers, gas engineers, plumbers, as well as those studying a university degree in electrical engineering.
Non-compliance with these guidelines could result in great risk of wiring faults, which can damage reputation and image, and may even result in the loss of life or property.

Where can I take an 18th Edition course?


Here at Learn Trade Skills we offer a course for Level 3 BS7671 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.


18th edition Course  

Next Course Date: 10th January 22’

You have three different options when training:

  1. 1 Day a week in centre training = 2 Days
  2. 2 Evenings a week in centre training = 5 Evenings
  3. 2 Days a week in centre training = 2 Days

* Each option has 1 days’ worth of Home Study included


Candidates who enrol on this course will:

Have the understanding of the Requirements of Electrical Installation wiring regulations. This qualification together with the relevant Domestic or Commercial qualifications such as  Level 3 Certificate In Installing, Testing & Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings or Level 3 Combined Inspection & Testing respectively, will enable you to verify Domestic, Commercial or Industrial buildings.

At the end of the course you may wish to carry on your studies by discussing with your course manager what options you have. You will have the option to pay an extra fee to upgrade to another course package.

You can check here for our Individual or Package Courses if you wish to observe other opportunities.


You will be expected to have your own copies of these books when attending our course

IET – Requirements for Electrical Installations – Wiring Regulations (ISBN 9781785611704)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Electricians



Christmas is approaching!


Still unsure of what to get your sparky friend, family member or loved one this Christmas? Well not to worry because you have landed on the right page.

In this blog you will find a few gift ideas for an electrician this Christmas. All links to the products/ gift ideas will be included. We hope you find this blog useful 🙂



LED Flashlight gloves

These gloves would be the ideal gift for an electrician because you would no longer need to hold a torch when working in areas in need of light. This would enable an electrician to work hands free and would make their job a lot easier. Very impressive !


  • Price: £10 – £15


Electric pulse neck massager

Working as an electrician can be physically demanding at times and cause neck, shoulder and back aches. This gift would be ideal for pain relief and allowing the muscles to become less tense after a long working day. So, you can forget about massaging your loved one after work haha.


  • Price: £20-£40

How to Fix Stuff Mug

There are many different mug designs to choose from but we found this particular one quite funny 😊


  • Price: £8-£10


Magnetic Wrist band

This cool gadget would be the perfect gift for any electrician. As the wrist band has powerful magnets for holding screws and bolts, it enables them to keep hands free whilst working. Also saves a few trips up and down a ladder.


  • Price: £10-£15



Tool belt

This tool belt has multiple pouches available for holding all sorts of tools. It is also adjustable around the waist and can save a lot of time carrying tools around, up and down a ladder, and locating them.


  • Price: £15-£20


Spirit Level Key Ring

This cool little gadget can come in handy for any electrician and they can even clip it straight onto their keys! Very useful and impressive little gift that would put a smile on any electrician face.


  • Price: £2-£5


Travel Mug – Keep Calm I’m an Electrician

Perfect for vehicle beverage holders. Also keeps coffee warm in the mornings, can’t go wrong. Since electricians tend to work long hours a day, keeping fueled with coffee can sometimes be quite tricky but with an insulated travel mug you are able to drink on the go.


  • Price: £14

Chocolate tools gift box

Tools that you can eat!!? Bet you’ve never heard of that before. Since every festive holiday ends up with stuffing your face with chocolate, we thought we would include these.


  • Price: £20-25

Electricians Chocolate Gift Set – Wire Cutter, Drill Bit, Spanner & Nut & Bolt – The Amazing Chocolate Workshop (


We hope this blog has helped you in gaining some gift ideas for our fellow sparky this Christmas. Happy shopping! 🙂


Interested in doing a course with us? 

Click the following link to find out more about the electrical courses that we currently offer:


Coming Soon

Work Progress Update


As of the end of March we are now Open. We have courses available to book right now!


February 2021


Work is ongoing at our training centre so that we can be in service for next month. We are very excited with the progress we are making and it seems we will be prepared quicker than initially thought.


Learn Trade Skills is coming soon will start off with Electrical Courses and will provide the Packages: Starter, Intermediate & Professional. With these packages you will be able to cover a multitude of qualifications such as City & Guilds: 2391, 2392, 2377 (PAT Testing), 18th Edition 2382, 2393 (Part P), Domestic Electrical Installer (D.E.I).


With the Professional Package you will be able to get the all these necessary qualifications mentioned above within 30 working days and go ahead to complete domestic and commercial electrical works.


Who Is It For? 

People who want the most effective and efficient way of getting a complete package of electrical qualifications.

Learners who have little to no electrical experience

Electricians who are missing a set of qualifications and find it in this package

Electricians who want to become an Electrical Inspector.

A Professional Electrical Course for students who want to update their knowledge on the latest electric industry knowledge and requirements.


We will later introduce our NVQ Level 3 in Electrical Installation course and City & Guilds Level 2 and Level 3 Electrotechnical Craft 2365 course once things are running smoothly. So be prepared as they are coming soon too.


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How To Become An Electrician

Learn Trade Skills 4 Steps to Success



It has been reported by newspapers that electricians are earning up to £156,000 a year. A recent study by The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP) has suggested that the UK will need around 12,500 – 15,000 electricians are needed to accommodate forecasted growth.


There are many routes to get into the electrical trade which is as follows, but we will focus on the route we think is the best for people who have responsibilities and need to earn money swiftly:


  • An apprenticeship typically lasting 3-4 years (EAL 601/7345/2 & 501/1605/8 – City & Guilds 5357 & 2357)
[Work as an electrician’s mate – Government funded courses aimed at 16–19 year olds]


  • Level 2 & 3 Electrotechnical Diploma before the apprenticeship courses (EAL 600/6724/X & 600/9331/6 – City & Guilds 2365 )
[For those who cannot find an apprenticeship immediately  – Government funded courses aimed at 16–19 year olds]


  • LTS 4 Step to Success
[For those who have commitments and need to earn money in the electrical field quickly]


We have listed the other routes for those that are interested in other methods but we will not be going into the detail of those routes here. Rather here, we will expand upon our 4 Steps to Success.


LTS 4 Steps to Success


We have simplified the route to become an electrician to 4 easy steps where you will get to a qualified level quickly to start earning money on your pathway to achieve a JIB Graded ECS Gold Card.

Whilst on the pathway to earn a Gold Card, it can be lengthy and financially demanding hence we created a pathway for those who have responsibilities and want to earn money quickly and for those who are already in the field and need qualifications.

This is mainly aimed at non-experienced people, but if you are an experienced electrical person looking to achieve a Gold Card, then you can fast track this method. Please call 01992 413503 to discuss further.


how to become an electrician


Step 1

This is where most people will start their path.

Learn Trade Skills Professional Electrician Package

Typically lasts 3-6 months


Certificates in the Professional Electrician Package

Level 3 Part P – Building Regulations 2013

Level 3 18th Edition Wiring Regulations

Level 3 Certificate In Installing, Testing & Ensuring Compliance of Electrical Installations in Dwellings

Level 3 Combined Initial Verification and Periodic Electrical Inspection and Testing


This course is purely designed for those who have no experience or those who are in the electrical industry with no qualifications to get you to a stage where you can complete Domestic and Commercial electrical work in the field.

By being able to carry out electrical work within 3-6 months, you will be earning significant money quickly and can get a job quickly with these impressive certificates. Once earning money, you can carry on investing into your career as time goes, if you want to work towards getting a Gold Card.


With the Professional Electrician Package, you will be able to:

Learn the basics of electrical installation.

Install sockets, lighting, cooker and shower circuits.

Inspect, test and verify all domestic electrical installations.

Inspect, test and verify all commercial and industrial installations.

Periodically Inspect, Test and Certificate all dwellings.

Certify all electrical Installations within dwellings.


If you are not looking to do Commercial work, then the Intermediate Electrician Package would suffice for you. Many are content with being able to do this type of work and seek not to get further qualifications and remain at Step 1.


Step 2


You can start this stage once you have completed the Professional Electrician Package


2-5 years


Once you gained your certificates in Step 1, you can now work in the field and get some experience under your belt. As you are gaining experience, with these certificates you can get a job to earn substantial money for yourself.

After you can prove 2 years of experience in the field, you will be able to sign up to a Competent Persons Scheme, like NICEIC, NAPIT, ELECSA etc and start to self-certify your own installations in dwellings and start to work for yourself or have others work for you. This will be significant amounts of money, considering there is not many electricians that are able to self-certificate in the field.

Once you can prove a total of 5 years experience, you can then embark on the next Step.


Step 3


This is the step for those who have 5 years of experience and the relevant certificates

NVQ Level 3 Experienced Worker Route

Typically 3-6 months


Since you can prove 5 years of experience now and you have the relevant qualifications, you will be eligible to sign up to the NVQ Level 3 Experienced Worker Route, which is a sped-up version of the normal NVQ colleges usually do in the UK.

You will complete a Skills Scan to prove your competence and fill out a Candidate Background Check to prove you have experience in the field. Once this is done a Professional Discussion will be carried out in centre and then you will start to complete a portfolio.

The portfolio can be completed at your own pace and the length will depend upon how much work you can be exposed to in a certain time. In the portfolio, a file will be created to evidence the work you have completed in the field and then audited by the centre and then the accreditation board.

Once the green light has been given, you will have earned to right to sit a final AM2 exam to prove competence.


Step 4

This is the final step to achieve the ECS Gold Card

AM2 Exam

2 Days


Once you have your NVQ Level 3 certificate under your belt, you will have the right to sit an AM2 exam. This exam is a 2-day exam whereby you will be given a project that you must create on an electrical board to prove your competence.

After completing this exam, you will then have the right to get an ECS Gold Card and sign up to a Competent Persons Scheme to self-certificate in Commercial buildings also now.

This is the one additional benefit that you have over the Professional Package when starting with zero experience. You will be able to complete electrical installations in domestic and commercial buildings as well as self-certificating domestic buildings having done our Professional Package. But with the Gold Card, you will now be able to self-certificate commercial buildings also.

We hope this article proves useful and if there is any further questions you have please email us at or call us on 01992 413503 to discuss further.


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