What effect has COVID-19 had on the Electrical Industry?

COVID-19 and Electrical Industry

How has the global pandemic affected the electrical industry?

Since the worldwide pandemic began in early 2019, several sectors and businesses have struggled to recover. Many people have conquered this and adapted their work flow to the situation, while many others were unsuccessful in doing so. This article will explore how the COVID-19 has affected the electrical industry, particularly in the United Kingdom, and what steps have been made to mitigate the effects within the electrical industry.

Shortage of supply for electrical/construction materials and equipment

Since the outbreak, many cities around the world have experienced a shortage in the supply of electrical/construction materials and equipment. As a result of the regulations and restrictions surrounding the virus, many companies (suppliers) were unable to function, and many electricians were unable to carry out their job due to a limitation of electrical materials required to carry out and complete their customary responsibilities. However, limitations in many places and cities around the world have been relaxed or modified, allowing for the availability of key supplies and equipment required to fulfill the demand in work for electricians.

Many electricians have also been laid off  work at some point during the worldwide pandemic, though this would only be for a short spell as there will always be a demand for electrical upkeep in any industry. With many businesses struggling throughout the world since the pandemic began, many electricians who were laid off and out of job took to the task themselves, with rising levels of opportunity in both commercial and home electrical labor, many chose the self employed route and were very successful.

Demand for electricians

We have also observed an increase in the need for electricians, particularly in the United Kingdom. During COVID-19, at least 45 percent of individuals in the UK worked from home, with many continuing to work from home inside areas with strict rules in place to assist handle COVID19 situations, leading to increased amount of electrical maintenance on the homes of those that are remote workers.

There has also been a huge increase in the number of people changing careers due to the affects of COVID, with many people carrying our electrical training to up-skill.

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How has the pandemic affected the earnings of an electrician?

Because of the present lack of electricians and rising demand, the average day-rate earnings for an electrician in the UK have skyrocketed. With many still working from home and requiring electrical maintenance, as well as other factors contributing to demand, such as Brexit and the government’s plans for new builds, the average earnings of an electrician have seen a huge rise, whilst also showing great opportunity for those wanting to start a career in skilled trades within the UK.

Read the following to learn more about becoming an electrician:

How To Become An Electrician

So how difficult is it to become an electrician?

LTS (LearnTradeSkills) offers fast-track electrical training for those wanting to start their training and become fully qualified to start earning the tasty salary of an electrician. These courses typically last 3-6 months and will open many doors for those wanting to start their electrical career.

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Electrical Courses and Training

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