What Impact Has Brexit Had On The Electrical Industry

Article on effects of brexit on electrical industry

How has Brexit impacted the Electrical Industry?

Since the implementation of Brexit in early 2020, the electrical industry has been impacted in a variety of ways. The many ways in which the electrical industry has been affected will be explored in further depth throughout this article.

Loss of Jobs

The loss of jobs is one of the impacts Brexit has had on the electrical sector since it came into effect. It has been claimed that 436,296 jobs in total have been lost since the implementation of Brexit, with the construction and electrical industry taking a significant hit since then. This allows us to acknowledge the increasing demand for electricians across the UK, with London being one of the main areas affected. (Electrical Time) ‘London most affected having the highest concentration of construction/electrical workers and most transient labour market’, showing great opportunity for aspiring electricians in the areas and surrounding areas of London.

Rising Demand and opportunity

Across the UK, property demand continues to outweigh supply. Since the loss of many electricians due to the implementation of Brexit, the Government have made plan on putting £11.5 Billion towards building up 180,000 new and affordable homes across the UK. This emphasizes the significant demand and opportunity for electricians and aspiring electricians in the UK.

Increase in electrician earnings?

Due to the increasing demand for electricians and lack of supply within the UK, it has been reported that the average earnings of an electrician have seen an increase. (Electrical contracting news) ‘Last year it was reported that the average weekly earnings increased to £1,063 in May’, showing increasing opportunities for electricians in the UK. ‘Figures also showed growth was twice as fast in London – the cost of hiring electrical contractors increased by 6.5% in the capital’, also showing great opportunity in London for workers in the electrical industry.


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