Risks and Rewards of Becoming an Electrician

Risks and Rewards for an electrician

Risks and Rewards of becoming an electrician

Working as an electrician can be very rewarding but can also have risks. This article will provide an overview of some of the risks and rewards an electrician may encounter.


  • Can be physically demanding – Working as an electrician, or any trade in the UK, will require some amount of lifting, crouching, pulling, climbing and working in tight and tricky places. Although working as an electrician tends to be less demanding as other trades in terms of physical movement and lifting, there is still a significant amount involved.
  • Liable for mistakes – Electricians are liable for any mistakes made, which can be costly depending on the mistake made. If an electrician were to make a mistake that costs the client money, then they could be liable to cover the costs.
  • Hazardous – There are many hazardous risks when working as an electrician. Electricians are most at risk from falling when working on a ladder, electrical burns, electric shocks, exposure to toxic chemical and outdoor conditions. Therefore, certain protocols and safety checks/ procedures must be carried out to ensure safety when working with electrical wires.



  • Pays the most out of all trades – According to multiple sources, electricians tend to earn the most when compared to other trade skilled jobs within the UK. According to multiple sources, electricians make an average of £32,000 – £38,000 depending on experience. With regards to self-employed electricians, the average salary tends to vary between £50,000 to £70,000 with reports of some earning up to £156,000 a year, according to newspapers and other online sources.

If you would like to learn more about the earnings of an electrician then please read the following article: https://learntradeskills.co.uk/2021/01/31/electricians-earning/

  • Be your own boss – Self-employment route – Depending on the qualifications you may have attained as an electrician and experience, you are able to work for yourself and carry out electrical work for your own clients, giving you the opportunity to set your own prices.
  • Fast-track courses – no need to spend years attaining a degree or going to college as this route can also be quite lengthy. Fast track training centers (Learn Trade Skills) enable aspiring electrician to attain the qualifications they need to kick start their careers and start their electrical journey.

Here is an article on how to become an electrician in 4 steps. https://learntradeskills.co.uk/2021/01/02/how-to-become-an-electrician/

  • Respect – The public and society in general tend to show a lot of respect to an electrician as they play a vital role in our everyday lives. An electrician enables us to carry out tasks in our everyday lives and even put themselves at risk when working in hazardous situations to maintain electricity within buildings whether you’re at home or at work. Therefore, a lot of respect is shown to electricians by society as they play a vital role in our everyday lives.
  • Increasing amount of opportunity: – Surrey, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, and London had the greatest shortage of electricians last year. This shortage has persisted to the present day, with qualified tradespeople in high demand throughout the United Kingdom. As we move toward a more sustainable way of life, there is a greater demand for technology that will allow us to live in a way that contributes to the preservation of our planet. For example, the increase in demand for installation of EV charging ports, smart meters, and solar panels. This has also led towards the increasing demand for electricians in the UK.

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