How Hard Is It To Become An Electrician in the UK?

How hard is it to become an electrician

If you are reading this article, it is very likely you are considering a career to become an Electrician. It is a very valid question to ask how hard it may be to become an electrician, as there is a multitude of opinions on this matter.


But the good news is, sparks are here to stay as long as we depend on electricity as a society and for this reason, it is a brilliant career to invest in. We have broken this article into sections to help answer some of the questions you may have in your mind.



What it Takes to Become an Electrician


Here’s a list of skills and personalities that is generally expected from Electricians:


  • Physical Capacity – you would be expected to be physically able and not limited by serious disabilities as this is a very physical career where you may be expected to climb ladders, crawl or dig etc. A usual day for an Electrician would be on their feet.


  • Basic Maths – a usual expectancy would be that you can comprehend simple algebra to understand the science around electricity when working with it. You will be taught this during your courses.


  • Communication Skills – you will be dealing with other people consistently and you would be expected to both be able to have problem solving skills and have capacity to communicate with people well.


  • Satisfactory Balance – You are more than likely to be on ladders and possibly other high places so good balance would be expected along with reasonable motor skills.



How Hard is it to Become an Electrician?


Becoming an electrician is not as hard as you may think and at times specific areas that are discussed may seem daunting but do not despair, as you do not have to rush. Take things one step at a time.


Frankly there is more than one way to become an Electrician but we recommend our 4 Steps to Success which you can read about more here.


With our chosen route you will be qualified to complete domestic and commercial installations within 12-20 weeks and start gaining experience as you expand your qualifications.


Your success will depend on how many hours you can prescribe to studying and your willingness to succeed. Soon after you will complete an occupational assessment which our training centre will help in regards to finding an occupation. For which you can then progress decisively towards an AM2 exam.



How to Find an Electrician Apprenticeship?


As mentioned before, you can go onto completing an NVQ Occupational Assessment (which the link is here). Do not worry about finding an apprenticeship as the best way to do so is with your local trainers. Our trainers are well connected and can help you find the apprenticeship you seek.


We will work with you every step of the way until we use up all are connections and networks to find you an apprenticeship so you can proceed with your career. Another method to help you would be to list all the electrical contractors within the area you would be willing to work in and pop in and ask them in person for the possibility of working as an apprentice. We are sure that when you show this level of commitment that someone will take you on.



Length of Becoming an Electrician


This is a serious commitment and you will be investing towards this your whole life and will continuously expand your qualifications, capacity and experience along the way. So, in reality there is no end, only how far you would like to go and achieve what you want to achieve.


For instance, to have the necessary qualifications to become a Domestic Electrical Installer you will have to complete our Intermediate Electrician Package which lasts for 10-18 weeks (depending on mode of study) and thereafter you will just be required to complete your portfolio and gain further experience on the field. Similarly, if you want to be a Commercial Electrical Inspector that carries out both Domestic and Commercial work, then you will need to complete our Professional Electrician Package for 12-20 weeks (depending on mode of study) and complete your portfolio and then carry on with gaining experience.


If your ambition is to be an Approved Electrician, you will have to go through our 4 Steps to Success which would be to go through our Professional Electrician Package lasting 12-20 weeks (click here for more info), then gain 2 years experience to sign up to a Competent Persons Scheme and 5 years to progress further, then complete your NVQ Level 3 Experienced Worker Route that typically lasts 3-6  (click here for more info) and finally complete an AM2 Assessment.


So, in total, this whole process typically just over 5 years but the idea of our Professional Electrician Package is so you can gain all the qualifications needed quickly to complete electrical work and start earning money as you continue to invest in your career.



How Much Does this all Cost?


Depending on what qualifications and experience you want to achieve, costing will vary. For instance, our Professional Electrician Package costs £4,449.


A Level 3 NVQ Occupational Assessment would cost you from £1,499.


An AM2 exam can typically cost your around £800.


So, all of these qualifications in total would cost you around £6,750 + time. But as mentioned before it depends how far you want to take your qualifications and whether you want to hold the “Approved Electrician” status.


The idea regarding our Professional Electrician Package is that we get you to a capacity where you can legally carry out the certifying, installing, testing, verifying and inspecting of domestic and commercial properties at relatively efficient paces so that you can start earning money quickly and that you can proceed with your career in the method you would like knowing that you can now fund it.



Is it Worth it?


Electricians on average earn £34,000 which goes up to £38,000 in London. This is continuously rising as electricians are always in demand. Some electricians are reported to be earning up to £156,000, which you can read about here. It is currently the highest paid skilled trade.


Many thousands of Electricians enjoy their career and it will always be in demand as long as society depends on electricity. It is well worth the investment and well worth you further investing into your career as time goes.


Work always varies and it is unlikely you will be bored by it.


We hope this article helped answer some of your questions and that you  well and truly believe that it is worth your time to become an Electrician!



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